The Relaxation Guide to a Happy & De-Stressful Life

Are you a full time worker? Do you look after your children 24/7? Or are you studying your butt off to truly excel in your chosen field of work? Regardless of what you’re currently doing with your life, it’s only a given that you will encounter some moments where you are stressed out. Stress can show in a number of ways, whether through anger, sadness, or even bottling it all up for no one to see – no matter what way you show it, you can have peace of mind that there¬†are ways you can address it.

The dictionary defines stress as: “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”.¬†It’s very likely that your stress is caused by the primary focus of your life – whether it’s your job, your studies or your family.

Luckily, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Putting up with endless stress is something that no woman (or man) should ever have to put up with. It’s highly important that you address your stress levels and promptly address it – without dealing with your stress, you’re likely to have it build up over a period of time and eventually deal with it with some sort of outburst (not ideal to do whether you’re at home, work or school).

Guide to Relaxation

Our top tips for de-stressing and relaxing

Below are our top recommendations for simple things you can do to de-stress and relax. In this site, we’ll go into further detail about the best options out there for getting the most out of your relaxation time.


Meditation is one of the most effective things you can do for yourself in terms of having some ‘alone’ time and clearing out your head. Meditation is simple to learn, and anyone and everyone can do it. Take a look at this great meditation for beginners tutorial.


Although getting some exercise may feel like the last thing you’ll want to do when you’re stressed out, you’d be surprised as to how much good it can do you! Even a short 30 minute walk around the block can help you to relieve stress and tension from your body. Take a look at this awesome 15 minute de-stress workout.


It’s crucial that every now and then, you organise some time out of your everyday life – whether that be from work, the family or studies – and have some pampering time. Pampering time can be anything from a relaxing spa facial through to a full body massage. There are plenty of beauty salons that can also offer packages for a full few hours of total pampering and relaxation. Take a look at The Finishing Touch‘s spa package deals here.

Have some ‘alone’ time

Aside from going out to get pampered, you can enjoy some alone time doing many different things. Take a personal day off work, skip a day of class (get someone to take notes for you obviously) and/or drop the kids off at a family member’s place. Take this time to enjoy being alone! Go and see the latest movie you’ve been dying to see, run a hot bubbly bath or sit out in the sunshine with a good book – the options are truly endless!