Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in the continent. It is famous for its subspecies of kangaroo, eucalyptus forest with a koala and turquoise sea with beautiful limestone cliff. Kangaroo Island is popularly known as Kl. People are often mesmerized by the amazing cuisine offered in this place. Tourist can go on a food safari in this island. Kangaroo Island is situated 112 km of South Australia and is known for its artisan food products. People can find a variety of sheep milk, honey that is harvested since the 19th century, gourmet sheep cheese and even botanical gins.

People who visit the island for a short period but still wants to experience the unique food can sign up for a one-day food safari which is offered by various local operators. The food safari offers various packages from wine tasting and Ferguson lobster to tasting honey, which is produced by the Ligurian bees that is also well known as the last remaining pure stock of bees. On the other hand, people who visit the island for a much longer time can opt for the luxurious seven-day food safari every winter. It is led by the famous food legend of Australia, Maggie Beer and takes the tourist on a food safari of the island.

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Head over to the Oyster Farm Shop for some fresh Oyster

Majority of people love seafood. Australia is well known for having fresh seafood. People visiting Kangaroo Island who want to have a taste of some fantastic seafood should visit the Oyster Farm Shop at American River. But to mention, this place does not serve you food on silverware. Instead, you would have to eat on paper plates, which makes it more fun. Some of the best seafood found here are abalone, King George Whiting, Marron, and oysters. The oysters are farmed opposite to the American River in the turquoise shack.

Get tipsy with the best Kangaroo Island spirits.

During a vacation, everyone likes to sip on some good wine or his or her favourite alcohol every once in a while. But it is recommended for people visiting Kangaroo Island to try their top-notch gin. Although South Australia is mainly known for its wine, people are not aware of the small batches of gin produced here. The only gin distillery is situated in Kangaroo Island, which provides the best spirits. The gin also won the prestigious award from the Melbourne International Spirit Competition for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017. The gin available in Kangaroo Island is mainly made with local ingredients such as lemon myrtle and native junipers. Tourist who is willing to taste this incredible gin can visit the rustic Cygnet river cellar door for a free taste test. But one should not go there on Tuesdays, as it remains closed.

Enjoy a long lunch with your beloved one at the Sunset Food and Wine

Who does not enjoy having lunch dates with their beloved partner? As the name suggests, the Sunset Food and Wine is situated in a beautiful location overlooking the beach and is a sunset spot. The Sunset Food and Wine receive the top honour of the chef’s hat just a few months after opening, and it is the first restaurant to win such a great title in Kangaroo Island. The famous chef Jack Ingram changes the menu with the season and offers some delicious cuisines made by Sothern Lamb Rump with the local black garlic and Hindmarsh Valley ricotta gnocchi. He also made a six-course meal for people who have a hard time choosing what to order. He tries to incorporate as many seasonal elements as he could to his food.

Cook a self-made meal from the ingredients available in the farmers market

Eating outside might always not be the best choice. Some people like to cook their meal daily. For them, there is something to look for. Every first Sunday of the month, Penneshaw Oval transforms into a farmers market. You can get fresh vegetable and meat. Some of the best homemade chutney, dairy item, and delicious wine is found in the market. But people should go as early as possible as the market wraps up by 1 in the afternoon.


For all food enthusiast people out there visiting Kangaroo Island in Australia is a must.  They must try their speciality of sheep cheese and honey for sure. And also brick back a bottle of gin produced in the distillery.


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