The days are gone when you have two rely on old flashlight while hunting or camping. In the present scenario, newer technology is available in the form of a reliable and durable LED flashlight. This is a wonderful technology and brings a significant change for a serious camper or a hunter who was previously using bulky flashlights. The old styled flashlights were prone to failure. If you own an old flashlight and looking to replace it, then let us explore to get the best camping flashlight.

Benefits of using LED flashlight

These flashlights offer a brighter light that was not available in incandescent flashlight. You will be surprised to know that the strongest LED flashlight can reach up to a mile with a concentrated beam.

Power efficient

If you will take incandescent flashlight with you for camping or for hunting, you need to have extra set of batteries so that you will not run out of power. On the other hand, when you have an LED flashlight, you will use only 10% of the power, which you were earlier using.


Old-styled flashlight is heavy and you will find it difficult to carry it while moving on a rocky trail. If you have the best camping flashlight, you can carry it without any hassle, as this is lighter in weight because they are housed in plastic. They have used tough resin to manufacture it, which gives the ability to last even in the worst possible conditions.

Resistance to adverse weather conditions

You may be on a remote place for hunting or camping. In this situation, there is nothing worse than a broken flashlight. Even if you drop your LED flashlight in water or at rocks, you will find it working perfectly.


While moving in the woods for camping or for hunting, the weight you are carrying on your back matters a lot. If you have a heavy flashlight with extra battery, then it will increase weight on your back. On the other hand, you need to make your camping or hunting easier by carrying only essential items with you. An LED flashlight weighs only 6 ounce whereas a foot long old styled flashlight has a weight of 5 pounds or more.

When you are willing to choose an LED light for your requirements, make sure to buybands that you can use to tie your LED light. Different types of LED light designs are available in the market, which you can choose as per your requirements.


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