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Are you fond of holiday cruises or dreaming of one right now? A holiday cruise is one of the best vacations one can have today, given that we haven’t started going to Mars. Some people have to save for years until they have enough money to go on a voyage.

Most cruises are not cheap, and it takes some careful planning and discipline to stay liquid on a holiday cruise. It’s quite easy to burn through a lot of cash in a short time as you indulge in the endless luxuries and treats on a long-haul voyage. With this in mind, perhaps you could do with a few money-saving tips while on a cruise.

Here are five amazing ways to cut spending on a holiday cruise as shared by experts:

1.   First Things First- Take Advantage of Last-Minute Deals

Would you like to go on a cruise on the cheap? Many cruise companies offer attractive last-minute deals meant to fill up slots that haven’t been booked yet before the cruise sets sails. You may have to settle for an inside cabin, but don’t worry, balconies are overrated on a cruise ship anyway. You will have plenty of deck to enjoy the sun like everybody else.

Watch out for last-minute offers that may appear anywhere between 3 months to the cruise to a month or less. You could land a deal that is basically half or less of the initial offer price that early birds paid for. That’s not to say that late bookings are always good, last-minute deals are hard to come by and could be subject to last-minute cancellations.

2.   Avoid Specialty Restaurants

Unless you have sacks of money to spend while on a cruise, you should always stick to the dining areas designated for everyone who paid for the full board package. Only use specialty restaurants if you are having a special occasion onboard- say a birthday or anniversary. Otherwise, there usually is plenty of food to eat for free on the standard dining rooms or on room service orders.

3.   Stick to Your Itinerary

Some cruise packages include some off-shore activities and excursions. For instance, those headed to Bali might find Bali cruise packages by Ayana with daily overland tours taking you to the local tourist attractions. For these cruises, it’s better to stick to the pre-arranged itinerary and save money. The local cruise company probably knows much more than you do about the places you need to see while on tour.

4.   Go Easy on The Drink Packages

Many cruises will include a list of drinks you can get for free that might consist of water and coffee. Then they will have separate packages for other drinks such as soda alcohol and other beverages. This is where cruise companies make the bulk of their onboard revenue. Be very wise and picky about the drink packages you take during the cruise; otherwise, you will be spending much of your money on them.

Some cruise companies also allow passengers to bring their own wine, albeit with a limit. Consider carrying some with you as those on the drink packages are certainly not as cheap or as competitively priced as what you could find in a local store.

5.   Skip the Internet and Onboard Telephone

Modern cruise liners come with internet connectivity and telephone on board. However, using these facilities could eat into your onboard dollars more than anything else because they don’t come cheap. A cruise is meant to give you time away from the noise of everyday life. Why spoil it with internet and telephone calls to dry land?

The Last Word

Even wealthy travelers do sometimes end up spending too much money while on a cruise. There is just too much temptation to spend as the amenities, and party mood can be deceiving. Spend wisely, and you will have a perfect cruise holiday.


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