Indonesia is the one country that’s on everyone’s bucket list. You probably have it as one of your top vacation destinations.

The country is a haven for beauty and luxury. It’s endowed with breathtaking features, both on land and underwater, and the luxury hotels in the area are to die for.

Komodo island is one of the most popular Islands for many tourists. And the Komodo National Park is a particular favorite, which is best sightseen on a cruise trip.

When you visit the island, Komodo dragons are usually the number one sight people want to see. And they are spectacular. 

The next activity is usually some water activities, i.e., snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving. While this sounds like a lot of fun, there are a couple of things people miss while on this cruise.

Here are four of them. 

  • The inhabitants of Komodo 

Komodo Island isn’t strictly a tourism island. It’s also home to hundreds of inhabitants of that area.

During your liveaboard trip around the island, most packages will involve a few stopovers on the Island. During such times, you get the opportunity to interact with the locals and get to understand their culture better.

The inhabitants of Komodo are fascinating people. Despite the numerous tourists they encounter every day, they’ve still maintained their culture.

Most of them are fishermen, and others sell artificial craftworks for a living. Their way of life is simple and very appealing.

Most tourists don’t really interact with the locals while on their trips, but I guarantee you, you’ll learn a lot from talking with the locals. Even if it’s for a short while.

  • Evening flying bats and the majestic sunset

Komodo has so much to offer, but one thing you shouldn’t miss is the evening sunset, and the sight of the migrating bats; simply breathtaking.

I’m sure you probably don’t love bats, but this is the one time I know you’ll love. 

Depending on the cruise tour you’re with, most boats will actually stop and allow you to glance at this sight. The sky is orange, the sun is drowning far in the horizon into the ocean, and the bats flying across the sky.

It’s purely a sight to behold!

  • Trekking!

One of the few things you’ll actually do on your tour of Komodo is trekking. At the National park, you get a tour guide to help you track down some of those Komodo dragons you’ve wanted to see.

But the catch isn’t the dragons, but rather the adventure and scenery as you trek!

The further uphill you hike, the better the view of the island you’ll get. You’ll also come across a ton of vegetation, some which I’d never heard of!

This experience makes it worthwhile when you eventually find a Komodo dragon.

You’ll also enjoy your swimming or snorkeling much better once you’ve completed the trekking.

  • Luxury liveaboard

I can’t say this enough, but one of the best things about Komodo cruises is the liveaboard experience. 

The rooms are so spacious, there’s a ton of activities to do, the staff is very friendly, and the meals are out of this world. You also get to interact with other tourists just like you, and you might actually get to be good friends. 

It’s also the perfect setup for a proposal or a romantic getaway.

Need I say that the liveaboard also gives you the best tour of the island. You get to see the best of the underwater world, and the best features of the island!

Final thoughts

There’s just so much you can do on Komodo island. It’s impossible to see it all on one trip. However, I think that there are a few things you need to have your eye on.

Besides all the fun water activities and the Komodo dragons, choose to interact with the locals, be on the lookout for sunsets and bats, and carry your boots, cause there’s so much to see when trekking.

Most of all, choose the right package for your cruise for the best experience on the Island.


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