However, in Angleside, apart from these services, we also offer private premises protection. It gains more and more interest, as due to economic growth, societies collect more valuable stuff and build houses that are worth a lot. On the other hand, it’s not only about the safety of properties but also about their owners’ peace of mind. In these uncertain times, people want to feel safe in their homes and not think about possible threats. In this article, we explain what the potential risks for private properties (houses, flats, both empty and occupied) are and how to face them to keep your home secure.


Why do private premises need security services?

The biggest threat of private premises are burglaries. Houses are often a target for criminals who want to make money on whatever they can find in there. Usually, they look for valuable items that are easy to take away, such as jewellery, electronic equipment, bicycles, clothes, or money, but some of them can even steal a car.

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Burglars break into private properties twice as often as into commercial properties, so this is the biggest concern for homeowners. On the one hand, wealthy houses are more exposed to this risk, due to the high amount of valuables inside. However, on the other hand, criminals see less expensive-looking properties as easier to break into. They presume their security system is not very effective, or there are no safety measures at all. It means that there’s no clear pattern here.


Nevertheless, some circumstances increase the risk of burglary. Usually, thieves decide to rob the property when nobody’s there. Every time people are off on their holidays, their houses become easier targets. Especially if they go on a trip during the holiday season, such as summer and winter breaks or public holidays. That’s because it’s very likely that their neighbours are away as well, and there’s nobody around to watch the empty building or flat.

While most burglaries occur when houses are unoccupied, they can still happen when someone is inside. Then not only is the property in danger but also people’s lives. And there’s no more important reason for which private premises need security services than the health and safety of their owners.

Burglaries are not the only concern for property owners. Private houses and their surroundings are also exposed to the risk of vandalism, which can cause expensive damages.

Last but not least, let’s not forget about fire hazards and gas leaks that are equally common in commercial and private buildings. They are particularly dangerous for empty flats or houses, which can be completely ruined before anybody notices something is happening.

How can you protect your private property?

There’s quite a lot you can do, as a property owner, to protect it from criminals and various threats. Here are the best ways to prevent damages or dangerous situations divided into three groups – starting from what you can do on your own, what electronic devices can do for you, and finishing with reasons why security guards can be helpful in the process.

Things you can do on their own

First of all, don’t make it too easy for burglars. Invest in good locks and always close the door when leaving. Remember about the windows too. Thieves check every possibility to access the building, so even if you leave one window slightly ajar, they’ll find it.

Don’t keep your valuables in visible places. We don’t refer to the TV or computer, because it would be difficult to put in in a safe locker every time you go out. But it can be easily done with jewellery, laptops, cameras and other small, expensive items. Also, don’t leave stuff (bicycle, barbecue, kids’ toys, etc.) in the garden, as it’s much more accessible for thieves than the house.

Don’t keep a lot of money at home. They are much safer in a bank. However, if you do prefer to have some cash, make sure to keep it in a safe place.

If you go away for a few days or weeks, try to keep up appearances. Mow the lawn just before leaving and cancel regular deliveries (e.g., groceries) so that they don’t spend days by the door. It would undoubtedly attract criminals. In the case of a longer trip, we recommend you to ask a friend or a neighbour to stop by your house every two or three days. They can check if everything is ok, water the plants, and empty the post box.


Trust technology

You can equip your property with a home security system, which is a good option for people who want to feel safe, but can’t afford security guards services. Technology is very developed nowadays when it comes to electronic devices that protect properties from various threats.

Install security cameras and integrate them with your smartphone. This way, you’ll be able to see what’s going on in your house no matter where you are.

Install motion sensors at home and connect them with an alarm. The alarm can notify the security agency about the possible break-in.

Fire alarm and carbon monoxide (gas) detectors are useful as well. Gas leaks and smoke are often unacknowledged, even if there are people in the building, and their effects can be extremely dangerous. So it’s vital to eliminate these risks and prevent huge damages or even save lives.

One more way to deter thieves from breaking into your home is to install a front door light that turns on when someone enters into a certain radius. A more advanced, and probably even more effective, alternative is a light with a timer switch, which makes it possible to switch it on and off at certain times.

Consider security guards services

Even the best security cameras or motion sensors won’t replace human presence. If your budget allows it, you should consider hiring a security guard to protect your property. Guards’ behaviour, unlike any device, is unpredictable, and thus, burglars and thieves can never be sure of the guard’s next step. He can change his patrolling routes and times, and most importantly, he can react to unexpected issues. Well-trained and experienced guards notice potential hazards and quickly solve problems. And in case of burglary, they can catch the thief red-handed and immediately call the police.

Hiring professional security guards is the most effective way of keeping your house secure. However, implementing any of the methods mentioned above already increases the safety of a property and your peace of mind. Make sure to put them into practice.

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