For at least the past half-decade, the United Kingdom has been positioned amongst the top-five countries in terms of its domestic immigrant population – a direct effect of the 200% increase in the aggregate number of migrants residing in the UK since the early ‘90s.

Explaining the Complexity of Immigration in the United Kingdom

A recent study from the University College London ascertained that immigrants in the UK chip in nearly 35% more in taxes than they consume in governmental forms of welfare, but here are some other data points worth addressing:

  • It is estimated that Home Office officials have put forth almost 5,900 distinctive changes to our nation’s immigration regulations over the past eight years.
  • Back in 2010, the UK’s immigration manual had less than 150,000 words, but this figure has ballooned to more than 370,000 words as of the last 12 months.
  • These alterations have created monumental roadblocks for hard-working immigrants that wish to assimilate into our country’s fabric, with one out of every two applicants stating that the process is “basically impossible.”

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Do I Really Need an Immigration Expert?

The essence of justice is a vital component of the immigration and lawful entry processes, which is exactly where today’s most commended migration solicitors carry the most clout.

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