Amazing destination weddings are not for the average person but more for those that are extravagant and wealthy and are not really even considered by couples who live in the real world. Not true! In fact, destination weddings are becoming so popular, that wedding planners are scrambling to try to cash in on this very popular choice. But is a destination wedding even worth considering?

According to Donna Heiderstadt, travel editor of Modern Bride magazine, “It turns a wedding into a longer celebration, one that’s a little bit more intimate because you usually have fewer guests.” And over the past 10 years, destination weddings and beach wedding favors have increased over 400 percent according to the publisher of Modern Bride, Brides and Elegant Bride magazines. But why?

The trend for marriages, at least in the United States, is that the couples are older and more mature than their counterparts of two or three decades ago. They are overall, looking for a more relaxed and intimate wedding where they feel they can enjoy themselves more because they are not thinking about making everyone else happy. They are focused on themselves.

But, there are also negatives to having a destination wedding and they need to be considered by the couple and perhaps close friends and family. Because of the lodging and travel factors involved, a destination wedding may be unrealistic. The cost of transportation alone can be too substantial for most of your invited guests.

The average cost of this type of wedding including those unique wedding favors is usually around $25,000. Although this seems much less than you probably anticipated, remember, this does not include airfare, accommodations and paying for parents and close friends and family, if they would be unable to attend otherwise. Also, that price tag is usually for about half the amount of guests you would invite to a typical wedding.

Are there any positives at all? There are too many to list! Who wouldn’t want to get married on a breathtaking beach in Mexico, aboard a Caribbean cruise or on the secluded Isle of Malta? And don’t forget one of the greatest reasons to consider a destination wedding; much less tension amongst friends and family. They have no idea how to plan this or what you have to do, so if you want to avoid “the family wedding blues,” this type of wedding may be just what the doctor ordered.

So now at least you are considering a destination wedding. There are some important points you cannot forget.

You must secure the services of a wedding planner who resides where you have decided to get married. They will know the area far better than you do and will steer you toward the best vendors and resources for the amount of money you want to spend.

You must plan this at least one year ahead of time. Documenting phone calls, saving and printing pertinent emails and discussing in detail every aspect of your wedding with the coordinator and venue is a must when planning a destination wedding.

Remember that between one third and one half of the people you invite actually attend.

Account for extra money which might be needed to pay for close family who cannot afford to travel to your destination, but you want to have present.

Hopefully with all the above factors weighing in, you have made the decision to either consider a destination wedding or totally dispel the idea. With nearly 20% of all weddings being in a destination other than where they live, it is becoming an extremely popular alternative.

Don’t forget, if you decide to tie the knot in an exotic location, you should set up a website with all dates, suggestions for lodging, options for traveling there, directions and pictures of the location so they can make an informed decision, and make sure you don’t forget the wedding favors. Also, sending out a “save the date” announcements between 6 months and one year prior to your wedding date is essential when making the decision to have a destination wedding.

So is it worth considering a destination wedding? Absolutely! Hopefully, this will be the most special day of your life. Consider every option to ensure that what you’ve dreamed of comes to pass.


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