Traveling the world is every humans favorite fantasy. We are very curious to explore the world. We would love to meet new people and make new friends. We enjoy a lot when we go on trips with family or friends. But sometimes we do not have a perfect experience. The reasons for this slightly lousy experience are many. Sometimes we might forget something or sometimes we might not plan well. Sometimes things might not work out according to the plan. So, to ensure that everything falls in place according to the plan and we do not forget anything important, here is a last minute checklist for all the travelers.

Airline tickets

This is the most important of all. We might sometimes tend to forget them in a hurry. So, say you are going to travel by Kolkata to Delhi flights; you cannot afford to forget your ticket. Your ticket is the only thing that can get you inside your plane.

Valid Passport and VISA

You need to show your passport and VISA to the airport authorities in the airport. So never forget these two important documents.

Travel Insurance

It is essential to get travel insurance when you are going on any trip. They will cover all your risks while traveling. So, when you are traveling by Kolkata to Delhi flights, never forget to carry all the documents regarding the travel insurance.

Credit cards/cash

We always tend to forget to carry enough cash or a credit card with us. These two things are very necessary because we will be traveling to an unknown land and we do not have any idea about how costly things would be in that new place. So to keep yourself safe, do carry enough cash and your credit card.

First aid kit

You are very likely to fall sick while traveling. Some of you might not be able to get adjusted to the harsh weather conditions of some places; some of you might not be able to take the food. Some of you might not be able to take too much of traveling. So, take a few necessary medicines with you so that you do not fall sick during a trip because it might really spoil your entire experience.

Travel adapters

We will be carrying many electronic gadgets with us. We carry our mobile phones, Camera, MP3 players, portable DVD players, etc. We should ensure that we keep all of them charged. Especially we need to keep our mobile phones charged. Hence carry portable chargers and adapters with you.

Driving License

We might have to drive in our tour destination. We might even be going on a road trip with a bunch of friends. Under such circumstances, we will surely need a Driving License. It will always be safe to travel with a driving license.

Keys to your house.

 Last but not the least, your house keys are something you should never forget. This is one thing which most of us forget. We either forget it or misplace it somewhere during the trip. So keep this on top of your list of things to be taken.

It is advisable to always write these things down somewhere in a notebook or note it down in Evernote- a Google tool to make notes. So, if you have checked all the above, you are ready to travel.


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