Find out more about the tour bus tour in Rome and see why it is the most practical way to quickly know the main attractions of the city. This type of tour greatly facilitates the life of tourists who are first in town and still do not know very well how to use public transportation. In addition, it is a way to learn a little more about each tourist spot with the guides. Follow the story and learn how this service works in Rome.

About the tour bus tour in Rome

Rome is a city full of bus companies that offer tours of the main attractions of the city. The famous Hop on Hop off, for example, are those double-decker buses that normally make 8 stops at strategic points so passengers can take several photos and get to know each monument better. Some companies offer tickets with validity of 24, 48 or 72 hours and the tour usually takes place with comments in several languages.

How to do the tour bus tour in Rome

To take a tour bus tour in Rome is very simple: just buy the ticket online or at the own box office located next to them. Among the main advantages of choosing this type of transport is the panoramic view that you have of the whole city, besides the opportunity to know the maximum of places in a short time.

Tourist bus in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome

To enjoy Hop on Hop off bus services in Rome the golden tip is to access the European Ticket Site; which sells tickets to the main sights and tours of Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan and all of Europe. The good thing is that you buy all your travel tickets in one place and do not have the worry of getting them all on the site of each attraction. It is much more practical, you have excellent service to solve any problem or doubt and the prices are often cheaper than on the attraction’s own website.

Travel Insurance is mandatory for Italy and Europe

A very important tip that we reinforce for all who are planning to go to any country in Europe is the International Travel Insurance. To note, the insurance is obligatory to travel there.

Other tips

Now that you’ve seen everything about the tour bus tour in Rome, a cool tip and what makes the difference in the trip to Rome is to choose well the location of your hotel and stay close to the tourist attractions. The city is great up and getting well located you will enjoy much more and spend much less time and money moving to the places. If you want, you can find out about where to stay in Rome, where there are tips on the best regions to stay in and also how to get a great hotel for a great price (and find excellent hotels in these super-contested regions) by reading on some comparison siters. To get detailed info about Rome bus tour, you can read Rome bus tours reviews & comparison.

Travel by car in Tuscany and Italy

And another important tip is that some sights, legal towns and wineries are a little farther away, and a great option to make the most of your trip around Italy is to rent a car. The roads are beautiful, you know several inland towns and villages, and can do incredible car tours such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Pisa, Venice, visit the beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast, Siena, Lucca and explore Tuscany well. Italy is a country where renting a car is essential. If you want, see our article on how to rent a car in Italy with tips on how to rent a great car for an incredible price with super price comparators, the most famous itineraries and everything you need to know about it.


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