Numerous companies offer you various tours in Argentina. During your travel Argentina, you should visit Mendoza. This city is the commercial and cultural center of Cuyo region. There is a lot of tours to Andes Mount Aconcagua, which is the highest in South America. All these tours are provided by companies, which are located in Mendoza. Anyone who wants to go to Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile has to visit this city. So Mendoza is a city where you may find a lot of nationalities and its local dwellers are very hospitable.

You may find an appropriate tour company in Buenos Aires as well as in Mendoza. But notwithstanding the place where your tour starts, you should get to Mendoza by air from Buenos Aires Airport. Mendoza is located between the chain of mountains and the extensive desert. If you choose to go to Mendoza among numerous tours in Argentina, you should try the excellent and famous wine, which is produced in this area. It’s not very expensive and you may order it in every cafe. While you are staying in the city, you will admire the luxury hotels, pleasant fruit gardens, beautiful squares and parks of Mendoza. Travel Argentina you will enjoy parks, churches and modern buildings of Mendoza. During this tour in Argentina you will visit such places as the Plaza Pedro del Castillo, the San Francisco ruins and the Cerro de la Gloria. The price of this adventure in Argentina is 440 dollars…

The other place to start your travel Argentina is the capital of this country – Buenos Aires. This city can boast the elegance of French architecture, large avenues with the numerous cafes along them and the tango, which sounds from everywhere. After choosing among different hotels of Argentina, you can start your moving around Argentina. First of all you should visit such best places in Argentina as Iguazu waterfalls and Patagonia areas. After that you will be able to admire the marvelous nature of Amazon jungle and see the wildlife of this region. During this tour in Argentina, you will have the opportunity for canoeing along the Pantanal and Amazon. You will have a guide and your group will consist of 15 people. If you choose this tour to travel Argentina, you will spend 9 nights in a hotel and 5 nights in a local farm. When you see these best places in Argentina, you will end your tour in Brazil city – Rio de Janerio. You spend the final days of your travel Argentina resting on the beaches and visiting historical places of Buenos Aires.

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