What is armored vehicle

Armored vehicles are those vehicles which are used to avoid security threats. These cars are designed like that no built and blast affect them. Mostly these cars are used by military and law enforcement agencies. But now civilian are also using these kinds of cars. The armored cars which civilian are using have the same kind of shape as other non-armed cars have it is very difficult to differentiate between armored and non-armed civilian cars.

These care are used to provide security to different international leaders on international trips politicians and some businessmen are also using these kinds of civilian cars who had serious life threats.in the civilian category, mostly big cars like SUV is modified into the armored car but there are all options available you can convert any civilian car into an armed one. The most used armored car in both civilian-military is Nissan SUVs.

Basic features:

These cars have all kind of features which an armored car required. While updating a civilian car into armored one the basic change which occurred is change its glass into the built proof glass. Place a thick metal layer inner side of the car body due to which the outer look of the car does not change a little bit. But you can feel the difference just opening up the gate it is way heavier than the normal car.

Other features:

The above-mentioned features are the basic features which are available in every armed car but there are some advanced features as well which is installed in the car according to its usage. Like there is a feature of fire extinguisher which can be used at the time if your car gets fire after the attack. Then these cars have the feature to run on flat tires as well.  Then they have a feature blast protected flue tanks along with that you can find tracking system tier air pressure controller and many others. So it all depends on the nature of the situation in which the car is used.

Manufacturing companies:

Many companies are making cars for civilian use. These companies help people to modify their cars into armored one. These companies also have a range of armored car which they put on their website for sale. Armored Nissan Armada For Sale is available in different companies website who deal in this category of business. Because this model of armored Nissan has all features which an armored car required. It has beautiful shape along with great engine capacity which makes it more suitable for this category of vehicle. 

As we know the weight of the civilian car increased when it inverted into armored one and it will affect their performance. But not, in this case, the engine of this car support the weight of its armored model as well and did not decrease the level of performance. These companies who are providing these services to civilian people get the certificate from their government. Along with that, they have all machines and equipment which is used to convert a car into armor one.


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