5 Reasons Why Hotels are Perfect Venues for your Meetings

Are you wondering why all your business meetings don’t produce anything substantial? Well, your answer could be that the employees are tired of their working environment.

Working in the same environment for a long time, even if the conditions are right, can sometimes become dull. Everybody needs change once in a while.

Therefore, to improve the creativity and productivity of your meetings, one of the best tactics you can use is changing the venues.

While it may seem costly at first, the results gained from it are worth it.

Hosting your meetings in a hotel is one of the most productive environments you can use. Business hotels bring in a touch of pleasure and work simultaneously, something that’s missing at your workplace.

Below are five reasons why you should host your meetings in hotels.

  • Detailed Services

This is probably the most significant difference between meetings at your workplace and the hotels. Hotel services pay attention to details. Therefore, they ensure that the meeting rooms are clean and well maintained; there are adequate seats, water, and soft drinks for each guest, among others.

In short, each member of your team is treated like a VIP, regardless of whether they are in management or the lowest rank of your company.

The business meeting rooms are also secluded and located in quiet separate floors, to ensure that nothing disrupts your meetings.

  • Amenities

Hotels offer a wide range of top-quality, well-maintained equipment for your meeting needs. From the complimentary Wi-fi to the soft boards, projectors and writing charts, you can be assured of a great experience.

The chairs and tables are also bound to be in shape, and so, the venue is perfect for some brainstorming and group activities.

When you need a break from the meeting, the hotels have some recreational facilities which you can enjoy with your employees.

Good hotels, such as  5-star hotels in Jakarta, have facilities such as swimming pools, spas, gyms, yoga classes, and even a kid’s play area. This means that not only will your employees focus on work, but also have some fun.

  • Meals and Beverages

Your meetings don’t always have to be dull and work-oriented. You can opt to include some meals in between and beverages to make them more attractive.

By sharing meals with your employees, you develop a bond with them that creates a free atmosphere. This allows them to share their views freely and thus helps you understand your employees’ opinions.

Sharing meals is also known to be a source of great ideas among people. By hosting your meeting in a hotel, you will enjoy an array of cuisines and beverages, prepared by the best chefs in the business.

  • Employee Appreciation

As humans, we all have the need to have our work appreciated. Your employees are no different. Hosting your meeting in a hotel and catering for the costs is a kind gesture to the employees that you value their work.

You can do this immediately after completing one of the company’s goals or project. Having a good time at a hotel will relieve their minds from their work pressure and thus, help them come up with creative solutions for your upcoming projects.

  • Top-Notch Accommodations

If you are having a seminar or corporate retreat for more than a day, staying in the venue hotel will not only be affordable but also fun.

Your employees will get to enjoy all the fun facilities in the hotel and still get to the meetings on time. You can sign up your team to a Yoga class in the morning, or even a gym class and thus create bonds that will last even at work.

You’re also likely to get good discounts for the rooms! 


If you want to improve the productivity of your meetings, then you have to come up with creative ways to do it. Hosting it at a hotel is one of the most efficient ways.

Your employees will be refreshed, have fun, bond, and most of all, come up with creative ideas to improve your business.

Therefore, whenever you are thinking of a retreat, informal meetings or seminars, ensure that you consider hosting the meetings in a hotel.


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