Meetings can be a challenge to arrange for business owners and managers who don’t have much time on their hands. Plus, those who don’t have a large office or conference room usually hold offsite meetings to accommodate colleagues and/or employees. Both of these issues can be resolved with the following tips which make any meeting meaningful and productive:

Send an Agenda

An efficient way to ensure meetings remain on track is to ensure that everyone is aware of what to expect from it. This way not only do attendees come prepared with appropriate questions; they may also ask to be involved in it beforehand. This results in a focused meeting, prevents interruptions and keeps engagement levels high during the event.

Allow equal participation

Urgent meetings involve an opportunity cost. By attending them, people lose time that they can use to take care of other work tasks. In order to ensure them that their time is being used just as productively in a meeting, the event should be inclusive.

To ensure that any minute of the meeting is not wasted, only those who stand to gain something from it should be invited. Plus, they should be encouraged to participate in the proceedings to prevent distractions and boredom.

Consider offsite meeting venues

Contrary to popular belief, meetings don’t always have to be held in a formal conference room. Plus, by forcing people to convene in the same room regularly can sap the energy of even the most enthusiastic individuals.

To prevent this from happening, arranging an offsite meeting is a good idea. A change of scenery can refresh a dispirited team and encourage them to remain motivated. A local coffee shop or even a small walking meeting can prove to be quite effective.

However, finding a venue that can accommodate that many people can be a challenge, but not with the right tools. The appropriate collaboration tech can be used to accommodate a mobile workplace in an offsite meeting place. Since workplaces are getting more mobile by the day, this should be done as quickly as possible.

This is where Kiva Solutions can help. Kiva works to create and distribute meeting spaces in a number of venues that can accommodate a small and large workforce. This includes providing a meeting reservation system that users can use to book meetings in real time and manage events online.


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