The biggest mistake a traveler does when planning for a trip abroad is not getting a travel insurance policy especially if they are traveling in a country where there would be a language barrier (that is why learning Thai, French or the language of your destination would be a great help). Communicating badly would only do you worse in emergencies.Travelers, most of the time, prioritize the process of booking flights and hotels, and do not mind taking the policy. If you are one of these people, sorry to say, but you are actually missing out many benefits and essential protection that it offers.

One of the biggest advantages of taking travel insurance is the ability to get a medical support. Should you get sick or suffer an accident during your travel, you will not be liable for the full medical bill as the insurance can cover some of your expenses. Plus, the fact that you are in a foreign land and the cost of living might be different from your own country, it can easily run thousands of dollars in your pocket, but not if you are travel secured.

Secondly, travel insurance may cover the trip cancellation cost. Events at home or adverse weather and travel problems can all mean that you may be unable to take your trip. Without travel insurance the expense of cancellation can be huge. You can avoid this by having a good travel insurance policy

Travel insurance can even pay for any delay expenses may incur you. There are times when flight are delayed for hours, even days, leaving you stock in the foreign land. During this time, you will have to pay for food, hotels, clothing and transport. A good policy takes care of this for you, enabling you to enjoy your extra few days on holiday.

Other smaller benefits of taking travel insurance policy is by not suffering from a variety of possible inconveniences, such as lost, stolen and damaged baggage and personal items.

However, getting a travel insurance may be quite expensive, the reason why it is being disregarded by some travelers, but considering the high level of protection it provides, taking a policy is a very wise and practical investment no doubt.


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