Travel insurance is one of those things that we all want to ignore when it comes time to plan an awesome holiday. It’s boring. It’s expensive. It’s definitely not the fun part of travel!

It’s not really as fun as planning sunrise ballooning over Uluru.
Not remote competition for thoughts of sumptuous buffets in Vegas.
And hardly warrants five minutes of time when you could be imagining cold cocktails on a Thai beach…..

But it’s actually more important than all of that other holiday stuff. It’s the first thing you should consider when you choose your next holiday destination. No doubt overseas travel insurance will be the first thing you consider when you are laid out in a Cambodian hotel for a week of food poisoning, wondering at what point you’ll need to see a doctor!

Cheap travel insurance is easy to book online and won’t take nearly as long to research as you think. Whether you are off for 2 weeks in Egypt or 12 months tripping around the world and visiting multiple countries, there’s a cheap travel insurance policy for you.

This site is designed to help you find the right product for you. The best insurance policy that will allow you to ride that scooter in Thailand without panicking about the ramifications when you don’t quite take that corner slowly enough…..

Travel insurance is the thing that will make your mum feel a bit better when you tell her you are planning to backpack through Vietnam for 3 months. It’s the reason you can go to New Zealand and bungie jump…..and the reason you will confidently dive into freezing waters in Norway for a quick winter dip!

With travel insurance, you know that you are covered for medical costs, lost backage, stolen cameras and various other sucky events while you are on holiday. An event like these can be a blip on your radar rather than setting you back a lifetime of debt.

Medical bills when you have to be airlifted back to your home country with a broken leg can run over $100,000. And who has that kind of cash just lying around? Travel insurance premiums are tiny when you compare them to the benefits you receive.

So what can you find here at Travel Insurance Tips and Tricks?

We’ll be featuring some horror travel stories for you just for fun! There’s nothing like a good reminder of why you need this important insurance. Hopefully we’ll even have gory photos!!
We’ll be reviewing insurance companies that we have used for our travels (we’ve just returned from 12 months around the world with our kids!)
We’ll be gradually adding to the list of insurance companies we have listings for. We hope to eventually have listings for all of the best travel insurance companies around the world. We intend to list the cover they offer and include links to their sites so you can easily purchase your cover before you leave.
We’ll have informative articles about travel insurers (like which ones cover snowboarding and climbing at altitude).
We will occasionally feature specials and discount vouchers so you can spend less on your insurance and more on that cruise to Alaska.
We will offer advice and tips for all areas of travel insurance to make your life super easy!
So have a skulk around….see what we are about….send us your questions….and above all….



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