Stockholm is probably the most beautiful of the three Nordic capitals. Compared to its neighbors Oslo and Helsinki, the capital of Sweden is more refined and monumental, has a greater artistic heritage and is a more pleasant for walking and relaxing city.

In Stockholm, a visit to the so-called Old Town or Gamla Stan. This area is a cluster of narrow streets dotted with colorful houses and architecture beautiful grounds. Paseo filled with unique shops and wonderful restaurants, it highlights the narrow city alley, the Mårten Trotzigs Gränd only 90 centimeters wide and must picture.

Walking around Stockholm is the most authentic way to discover the city. On our tour of the central core of it, enjoy the majestic Royal Palace, one of the largest in Europe and current residence of the kings of Sweden.

We can appreciate some of its interesting museums, starting with the Vasa Museum, which honors the warship of the same name dating from 1633 and sank in the moment of its launch. It is a true symbol of the city and a milestone in European naval history.

The Skansen open-air museum recreates some typical Swedish houses and includes a magnificent zoo for the enjoyment of the entire family. The wonderful building of the National Museum hosts major Swedish and international paintings and sculptures and for lovers of the kitsch museum dedicated to Abba and Pippi Long Stockings will delight the most demanding.

Definitely, one of the most poetic and special corners of Stockholm is the beautiful park, Gruna Lund. Located by the sea, her sixties aesthetic and traditional attractions will not leave indifferent any curious gaze. This is a perfect ending to visit one of the cities that best integrates nature and history on the continent.


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