Visit Santorini is an unforgettable experience riddled with beauty, light and elegance. The island is of volcanic origin, allows you to enjoy a variety of ways and deserves at least three days stay to extract all its originality and energy. To navigate in their small outline, you can rent a car, quad or motorbike. Either option is fantastic and depend on the skill, patience and desire for adventure tourist. I must say that driving in Greece is an experience.

TravelSeveral stops are mandatory in Cuba. On the one hand tour the caldera volcanic cliffs visible from all of it. A walk to see more of the whimsical and sublime morphology of this island. Many boat trips leave from the old port of Fira, the capital, and also allow to navigate around the center of the volcano and its famous finish bathing in Hot Springs, sea areas where the water reaches a high temperature and a special orange for their high sulfur content. An unforgettable dip their curiosity and original texture.

From here stopping at a small beach, we climb in their eternal donkeys to Oia, the most beautiful cities of Santorini. Crowned by her round blue domes, alternating harmonious and slender on the beautiful blue sea, rugged cliffs that seem to make it into a hanging city full of beauty. Walking through the quiet streets between decoration shops, art galleries and restaurants is quite a flirty sensory experience first class.

Similarly, to the south, we reach the area Arkorotiri archaeological ruins of ancient Minoan settlement, discovered in the 60s and in some place and admired the ancient Atlantis, of which we had news from Plato.

Rest in his Martian Red Beach or try their wonderful cuisine of fresh fish, salads and yogurts invincible, is as essential as enjoy the setting sun most beautiful in the world. An alternative advice: everyone piles into the sunset in Oia to see the sunset. From Firostefani, halfway between Fira and Oia, the sun sets with a wider horizon and no accumulations of tourists. A good drink or a tasty natural fruit juice complete the election in one of its tightrope walkers cafes.


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