What is there to see in Egypt ? First see that the land is divided into several sections. There is Lower Egypt, which includes the northern delta of the Nile and northern coast of Egypt , as well as Cairo and Alexandria. Next, there is Middle Egypt, which is the area along the Nile River . Upper Egypt is made of many temple towns and can be found close to the southern stretch of the Nile River Valley. There is also the Sahara Desert , where you can find the Western Oases. The Red Sea Coast , which has several opulence beaches and resorts to enjoy. Finally there’s Sinai, which is an marooned peninsula, ideal for historical day tours and some trekking activity.

What are the best tours to see in the country? Cairo day tours are among the most popular and include the Giza Pyramids as well as ancient museums and churches. This includes the Giza Plateau, which features the Sphinx and the Pyramids – the notable tombs of the Pharaohs.

Luxor Tours give you the opportunity to see many old monuments , temples and ancient tombs. Aswan trips are ideal if you like ancient architectural while Hurghada tours are very in tune with nature . Trips around Sharm El Sheikh are the most civilized and yet varied option, as you can take desert tours or have a nice candlelight dinner party just the same.

Safaga, Suez and Alexandria offer more historical sightseeing. The Siwa Oasis, Farafra Oasis and the Bahariya Oasis round out the list of public and private tours.

Remember that though sightseeing is the charm of Egypt, there are many things to do beyond historical tours. There are also sports, such as golfing and scuba diving, and many deluxe beaches that you can relax on.

As you tour Egypt remember that the official currency is the Egyptian pound. Money can be exchanged via bank or even in some hotels . So don’t fret, and don’t get suckered in by some street hustlers offering to give you Egyptian currency. All in all, Egypt tours are among the best in the world, combining mystery, marvel and excitement into one convenient package. Find out why this beautiful country is one of the most universally sublime civilizations in human history.


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