Finding an affordable car rental deal is one of the most important aspects of vacation planning for any budget traveler. The cost of rental essentially depends on your needs. If you’re moving across town, you might require a truck; for cross-country family trips, one might look for a comfy hauler; others might want to splurge on an expensive cruiser for an exciting night out. Whether you’re at the airport or city-center, you’ll always want to look for the most economical rent-a-car deal. Seizing an inexpensive car deal requires some amount of planning and foresight. In any case, the best rates are always available online.

Check out online travel sites and consolidators, compare prices and shop for a deal that suit you best. One of the advantages of booking online is that you can get a proper idea of the rates without the interference of a sales pitch. Rates could vary across companies, comforts, locations, and hours of operation. But most online companies offer huge discounts and bargains, so you’ll save a lot of cash. Usually, weekly rates are always cheaper than weekend prices and the difference could be enormous. Take for instance the average rental rates in Prague. While the weekend rates for a Standard car is around $135, the weekly rate for the same is just around $90. So, if you plan accordingly, your savings could be exponential. Check your insurance policy properly and carefully read the fine print.

Most car rental companies offer two types of coverage. While one covers you in the event of a collision, the latter covers any loss to the rental company. Although both are a good idea, they might duplicate a coverage already included in your own insurance policy. So, it’s important to know your own policy before signing up for a vehicle. It might sound like a cliché, but the early bird really catches the worm, and it’s very much applicable for car rentals as much as it is for booking your flight. Booking early will definitely save you lots of money. In most cases, rental companies offer you two choices of buying gas. You can pay for a full tank of gas in advance or refuel it yourself before returning it. Although you get low rates and save money while paying in advance, you might not require a full tank of gas for your trip. Then why pay for the fuel that you’re never going to use? Hence, consider prepaying only when you’re sure that you’ll use the full tank.

It is advisable for you not to upgrade to larger vehicles even if it’s free unless you really need that extra space. Although, a free upgrade is too tempting to decline, a larger vehicle will only increase the gas expense. Saving money on car rentals isn’t that difficult. You can maximize your travel experience on any budget. Summary: Whether you’re at the airport, at the city-center or moving cross-country, you’ll always look for the most economical rent-a-car deal.


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